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COMIX Vertex Tests

Each interaction vertex in Comix eventually has to be tested up to three times, depending on whether the external particle assignment involves particles, which are their own antiparticles. For example, there exists only one triple gluon vertex, but two ZZh - type and three e-e+γ - type vertices.

Scalar Boson Vertices

Test Process Status Vertices
hh→hhhh hh→h, hh→h4

Fermion Vertices

Test Process Status Vertices
ff→ ffff ff→γ, ff→Z, ff→h, ZZ→h, hh→h
γf→f, Zf→f, hf→f, Zh→Z
fγ→f, fZ→f, fh→f

Vector Boson & Tensor Vertices

Test Process Status Vertices
W-W+→ W-W-W+W+ W-W+→h, W-W+→γ, W-W+→Z, W-W+→Z4, W4-W+→γ, W4-W+→Z, W-W4+→γ, W-W4+→Z, hh→h4, hh→h
W+h→W+, W+γ→W+, W+Z→W+, W+Z4→W+, W+γ→W4+, W+Z→W4+, hh4→h,
hW-→W-, γW-→W-, ZW-→W-, Z4W-→W-, γW4-→W-, ZW4-→W-, γW-→W4-, ZW-→W4-,
W-W+→ZZZZ W-W+→h, W-W+→Z, W4-W+→Z, W-W4+→Z, ZZ→h, ZZ→h4, hh→h4, hh→h, W+W-→h_4
W+h→W+, W+Z→W+, W+Z→W4+, W4+Z→W+, Zh→Z, Zh4→Z, hh4→h
hW-→W-, ZW-→W-, ZW4-→W-, ZW-→W4-,
W-W+→ γγγγ W-W+→γ , W4-W+→γ , W-W4+→γ
W+γ→W+ , W+γ→W4+ , W4+γ→W+
γW-→W- , γW4-→W- , γW-→W4-