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COMIX standalone

How do I obtain the package ?

The standalone version of Comix is available from here. Note, that the package built into Sherpa is much more up-to-date and contains many bugfixes. Whenever possible it should be preferred. Sherpa can be downloaded from here.

On Ubuntu systems, the standalone version may be installed using the system installer. To do so, the launchpad hep repository must be activated using
  echo "deb jaunty main" \
    | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hep.list
  sudo aptitude update
Installation proceeds through
  sudo aptitude install comix-me
after which Comix can be found under /usr/bin/comix-me.

How do I run Comix standalone ?

Some simple example setups are shipped with Comix. If you downloaded the .tar.gz file from above, the corresponding input cards are found in the Test subdirectory. To run Comix using these inputs, after installation simply type
  cd Test
  ../bin/Comix -f LEPI_QCD.dat
If you are using the launchpad version, simply type
  comix-me -f /usr/share/comix-me/LEPI_QCD.dat
For a hadron collider example setup, replace LEPI_QCD.dat with LHC_Z4Jets.dat.
Comix is based on parts of the Sherpa package and uses the same input structure. More information on the corresponding parameters can be found in the manual on the Sherpa download page.